Category: Marital Mirth


There was a magician called Stu

Whose wife tried to kill, yes it’s true

So she sawed him in half

Which was a bit daft

As now there’s not one Stu but two


I swapped my wife’s lipstick for Pritt stick

She’s still not talking to me


I only play golf to annoy my wife

She thinks I’m out enjoying myself.


I wouldn’t recommend getting married in a castle. It’s so difficult to say the vows when your bouncing around


When my wife says “we need to talk”, why is it never golf ?


“It was just a Sailor who got the wrong number my dearest. He wanted to know if the coast was clear”


My wife ran off with the milkman, watching her drive away with him was the worst 45 minutes of my life

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“Hello, I would like to book a doctors appointment sometime towards the end of next month. My wife’s just dislocated her jaw”


Woman: If you were my husband I would poison your food

Man: If you were my wife I would eat it