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I used to be conceited but now I’m perfect.


At the transport departments annual fancy dress party a man dressed as a motorway has a word of warning for a man dressed as a minor road

“Watch out for Bob, he’s a cycle path”


That carpenters son is a chip off the old block


What’s the opposite of work ?



Birthday Greetings

Dear Sam

I would like to wish you, but do not guarantee you a happy birthday.

The happiness of your birthday may increase or decrease over time.

The happiness of past birthdays may not mean happiness in future birthdays and if you are ill or older then you may not get as many birthdays in the future as you did in the past.

All the best

Your financial advisor


Amazon, The Laughter Librarys Prefered Advertiser


What do you get if you call 666 ?

Three policemen standing on their heads


And here you can see the three new additions to our zebra enclosure

Zebedee, Zeus and SpotĀ 


When the man finishes hammering in the KEEP OFF THE GRASS sign, how does he get back to the path ?


All drinking water in this workplace has been personally passed by the management