Tag: animals


Where do you measure whales ?

At the whale weigh station


Who delivers presents to baby sharks ?

Santa Jaws


There was a dog breeder called Daniel

Who wed a frog breeder called Hazel

They went mad one night

And to their delight

Ended up with the first croaker spaniel


Doggy heaven is paved of pure gold

Which is not what they want I am told

You see dogs would not care

Should the pavements be bare

If hydrants where at the end of each road


Hickory dickory dock, three mice ran up the clock. The clock struck one, but the other two escaped with minor injuries


My son thinks he’s a chicken, we would take him to the doctors but we need the eggs !


Don’t by a spider from a pet shop, there cheaper on the web

Amazon, The Laughter Librarys Prefered Advertiser


Riddle: A rabbit called June went up to a lion and called it a rude name.

What is tomorrow’s date ?



The first of July as that was the end of June.