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What did the alien gardener say?

Take me to your weeder


How these toys work I just do not know

They just keep breaking apart, just like so

I’ll glue them together

Yes that will be clever

Now those toy blocks can never LEGO


There was a magician called Stu

Whose wife tried to kill, yes it’s true

So she sawed him in half

Which was a bit daft

As now there’s not one Stu but two


There was a dog breeder called Daniel

Who wed a frog breeder called Hazel

They went mad one night

And to their delight

Ended up with the first croaker spaniel


A fool and his money soon part

Goes the saying in many an art

This we all know

But can somebody show

How he got all that money to start


A soldier once went for a nap

As a bird got in a bit of a flap

It fell down the cannon hole

That shot off its clumsy fowl

There’s more than a feather in ones cap


Doggy heaven is paved of pure gold

Which is not what they want I am told

You see dogs would not care

Should the pavements be bare

If hydrants where at the end of each road



He knows when you are sleeping

He knows when your awake

He knows when you’ve been good or bad

Because he’s on Facebook


Birthday Greetings

Dear Sam

I would like to wish you, but do not guarantee you a happy birthday.

The happiness of your birthday may increase or decrease over time.

The happiness of past birthdays may not mean happiness in future birthdays and if you are ill or older then you may not get as many birthdays in the future as you did in the past.

All the best

Your financial advisor