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Which letter is the biggest show off ?

N, because its always the centre of attentionĀ 

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Teacher: Which is faster a slug or a snail ?

Pupil: The snail Miss, that’s why it wears a crash helmet


Mother: “How did your first day at school go Alex ?”

Alex: “Very well, out of all the class I was teachers pet”

Mother: “So did you get to sit at the front ?”

Alex: “No I got to sit in the cage”



What’s black and white and terrifies children ?

Exam Papers


Teachers kind,

Teachers gentle,

Teachers clever,

And I am mental.


I could tell you a joke about a blunt pencil, but there’s just no point.


Why does studying history keep you regular ?

Because it fills you full of dates.


During bring a pet to school week a boy walks in with a newt on his shoulder.

“That’s nice” says the teacher

“His names Tiny” says the boy

“Why is he called Tiny” asks the teacher

The boy replies “because he’s my newt”


Our kids a real wonder…

We wonder if he’ll ever learn anything